January Caver Connection

G.W. Carver Center Operations

Currently the G.W. Carver Center is open daily Monday – Friday with special events on Saturday. The Carver Center hosts the Road to Success Program Monday -Friday from 8:00am – 1:00pm. School Year Open Gym Hours are 2:00pm-6:00pm.

Program Update

Community Assistant Program: On Wednesday from 10am-1pm. Flagler Cares provides services in Screening & Referral, Care Coordination, Benefit Assistance & Navigation, SOAR, Housing Assistance, ID Assist, Behavioral Health Programs and Health Marketplace Navigation. With Our Community Assistant Program, we’re aiming to be a better resource for those in this community. Community Assistance came to an end on Dec 20, 2023 and will start back up Jan 10, 2023.

Senior Social Hour: Every Tuesday, Thursday from 11am-1pm. This month we had the pleasure of entertaining our seniors with chair aerobics, 300-piece puzzles, Christmas tree color pages and Bingo. December also brought us to the end of our first Senior Social Term. Our next term will start Jan,16th 2024. In honor of our seniors, we celebrated them with gift cards and fruit baskets to end the term at our Carver Christmas party.

Student Advisory Council: On Monday, December 5th, we meet with our advisory students at the Flagler County Youth Center. We provided lunch for the students and engaged with them on events that the carver center would be hosting or assist other groups with in the month of December. Literacy Night, Carver Christmas Party, Tallahassee Trip. It is planned for Jan 16 – Jan 17, 2024. Our next Advisory Meeting will be Jan 4, 2024 at the G.W. Carver Center.

Homework Assistance: On Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 pm- 4:30 pm and Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm Homework assistance is available to any student from grades of K-12. Homework assistance was available all month until Dec. 18th and will start back up Jan 16, 2024.


  • Mondays FSPAL Volleyball 5pm-7pm
  • Dec. 1st Grace Community Food Distribution
  • Dec. 7th Literacy Game Night BES,BTMS,FPC
  • Dec. 10th ReHERse Etiquette Session
  • Light Up With Carver Christmas Decorating Contest
    • Winners: 1ST Place Toya Leaks, 2nd Place Blair , 3rd Place
  • Dec. 21st Carver Christmas Party


Road to Success Update

The Road to Success (RTS) program has reached 352 GEDs to date, with 2 students graduating in December. We have a 98% positive outcome since the beginning of the program. This month, we held class one day at the Flagler County Youth Center due to FPL working on the power at the Carver Center. Additionally, on another day the RTS staff attended an afternoon training session with Career Source Flagler/Volusia at Daytona State College, in Daytona Beach. We have two interns working at the Flagler Youth Center and another intern working at the Community Cats of Palm Coast Thrift Store. To find out about the GED program or the student internships, please visit our website https://gwcarvercenter.com/rts or contact Brian Willard at 386-437-8279.